Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw


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The book tells the life story of Jack Adkisson, who is most commonly known as Fritz von Erich. His victories and tragedies inside and outside the arena are shared from his perspective. Fans of all ages are sure to appreciate this touching biography about the late pro wrestling champion.


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After graduating from high school at the Army & Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California, Ron spent four years in the U.S. Marine Corps with a tour in Vietnam. After coming back to Texas Ron attended Junior College at Henderson County J.C. in Athens, Texas. Ron's background has been mostly and Computers and Real Estate spending 7 years with GTE in Dallas, Texas. The Major Influence in my life and the motivation behind my writing was a very interesting person by the name of Jack Adkisson, aka, Fritz Von Erich (The Master of the Iron Claw). Fritz was a Professional Wrestler and my childhood hero. Later in my life I would not only meet my childhood hero, but would be by his side and hold his hand as he passed from this world. Before Jack Adkisson passed away he related to me his life story and family tragedies, and made me promise that I would write his story in his own words so all the Von Erich fans around the world could hear this amazing but sad life story from "Fritz Von Erich" himself.

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“As I read this book, I was transported back to my youth, the only way a book can. It was most enjoyable.”

Richard L. Watring, Amazon reviewer

“You will experience every human emotion as you read their story, but most of all, you will walk away inspired.”

Lady Favors, Amazon reviewer

“As told from the perspective of Fritz, this book is a must-have for any Von Erich fan.”

ClaudiaT, Amazon reviewer


Chapter 3

Following the naming of the Iron Claw, I went down to the patent office in Minnesota and had the name and the hold patented. I knew I was on my way to the top, and I wanted to make sure that everyone knew the Iron Claw belonged to me.

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