Wrestling’s Golden Warrior

August 4, 2017 at 5:11 am Ron Mullinax

The Astonishing History of a Warrior: Revealing Kevin Von Erich’s Professional Wrestling Career

Kevin Von Erich

The eldest among his other siblings, Kevin Von Erich is the second oldest son of Fritz Von Erich. His older brother, Jack, died at six. Kevin is also the last surviving brother after the chain of deaths that hit the family, and as such, he represented the Von Erich name when they were as a group inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

Born in 1957, Kevin Adkisson grew up knowing that his future was in wrestling as a son of a popular wrestling family. Before beginning his career in wrestling entertainment, he played football at the North Texas State University until an injury closed the door to the NFL but opened another to the World Class Championship Wrestling. With his good looks and athletic ability, he began to wrestle as Kevin Von Erich in 1976. One of wrestling’s biggest stars, he was a success as an individual wrestler and as a tag team wrestler, often being written in many high-profile conflicts between other wrestlers. One of his trademark looks was to wrestle barefoot and he was jokingly nicknamed “The Barefoot Boy.” This was highly unusual because at the time, almost all wrestlers wore high-topped boots, including Kevin. But before one particular match someone pulled a prank on him by hiding his boots, and he still went out and wrestled without them anyway.

He wrestled with his brothers and established himself in Texas when they won the National Wrestling Alliance’s Texas Tag Team Championship twice, as well as the NWA American Tag Team Championship. On Christmas day in 1978, he became the NWA American Heavyweight Champion. He was one of the most viable performers for the WCCCW, and although he did well in the singles competitions and with other wrestlers in tag team matches, he did his best when he wrestled with his brothers, Kerry and David.

One of Kevin’s famous matches was against the notable Ric Flair in 1982 during the WCCW’s Christmas show for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. This was a special match as it was held inside a steel cage with Michael Hayes of the Fabulous Freebirds as the referee. Unfortunately, the storyline was written so that Kevin would lose the championship and to position the Freebirds as villains, but this match raised the status of the Von Erich brothers to new heights.

It all began to crumble with the death of David Von Erich, followed by the deaths of his two other brothers. Kevin ended his career on a high note and now lives with his family in Hawaii. His two sons, Toss and Marshall Von Erich, have since taken up the torch and have joined the world of wrestling entertainment. A good man with a life well lived, both personally and professionally, Kevin Von Erich is truly a Golden Warrior.

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