Let’s Wrestle!

August 25, 2017 at 7:32 am Ron Mullinax

Wrestle Mania: The Wonderful World of Wrestling


Within the arena, the modern coliseum, the lights shine brightly as two modern-day gladiators do battle within the revered squared circle as the crowds cheer wildly at the intense spectacle. The Romans had a fantastic idea, and today’s sports entertainment certainly appeases the seemingly unquenchable human thirst for bloodshed. A sport that combines theater and athleticism, professional wrestling has attracted fans by the millions to cheer on their favorite warrior and watch in glee as their champion vanquishes their foes to their delight. You can hear them shouting to each other, “Let’s wrestle!”

Many who dislike sports entertainment say that wrestling is fake, the wrestlers are fake athletes and mediocre actors, and the whole thing is a prefabricated sham. Of course wrestling is “fake.” The term is called “kayfabe,” and although some wrestlers are mediocre actors, the athleticism displayed is not. All these make for a great show, which many have come to love. Ancient Romans did something similar by dressing gladiators in helmets and depicting them as mythological foes, and the crowd still cheered. In this day and age, this feeling is now known as wrestle mania.

These days, it’s called “kayfabe,” or portrayed staged events in the wrestling industry that are considered “real” in terms of competitions, rivalries, feuds, and relationships between the participants, and it is treated as genuine. It is a maintained “reality” that the wrestlers stick to when dealing with their audience. It is a suspension of disbelief that is wholly unique to the world of sports entertainment. Scripted but treated as legitimate, kayfabe was the de rigueur for a long time until the arrival of the internet and is now only kept during shows. Of course the plot is “fake,” but you can’t teach actors how to wrestle. You can, however, teach wrestler how to act, and to those who have felt the electrifying power that draws the attention to the warriors fighting in the squared circle, for that time, wrestling is excitingly real. These athletes live their lives to just eat, sleep, wrestle, and repeat to deliver you the best possible experience.

It is a show like no other. Gods and goddesses of impossibly sculpted bodies, rivalries and fights of epic proportions, and terrifying matches held in steel cages—once you invest a little of your heart into the spectacle, you’ll find yourself standing with the rest of them, cheering on your chosen champion in an intense ride of emotion that can sweep you up and leave you wanting more.

This is why you should watch wrestling. The appeal is addicting, and once you get into it, you appease the inner spectator. Your voice will be one with the crowd. When your champion wins, you will feel their victory. You will be triumphant.

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