Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw


Lacey von Erich

Lacey Von Erich: The Texas Tornado’s Daughter

September 29, 2017 Ron Mullinax
Follow TNA’s Lacey Von Erich’s remarkable journey: from being a daughter of the Von Erich family to a wrestling bombshell



Kerry Von Erich: The Texas Tornado’s “Secret”

September 22, 2017 Ron Mullinax
Extremely shocking secret reveals why the legendary wrestler, the Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich, committed suicide.



Another legendary warrior was t

Fritz von Erich

Fritz Von Erich: His Iron Claw and His Tragedy

September 15, 2017 Ron Mullinax
Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the fame of the great Fritz Von Erich wrestler?



Fritz Von Erich Master of the Iron Claw is a man holding thr

greatest wrestlers

Presenting the Industry’s Greatest Wrestlers

September 8, 2017 Ron Mullinax
World’s greatest wrestlers you need to know


People aspired for greatness, but only a handful could rightfully say they have achieved it. Every industry had at least one icon who had defied expectations and forever changed the landscape. Basketball had Michael Jordan, golf had Tiger Woods, software had Bill Gates, and technology had Steve Jobs. The list did not end the