Presenting the Industry’s Greatest Wrestlers

September 8, 2017 at 1:31 am Ron Mullinax

World’s greatest wrestlers you need to know


People aspired for greatness, but only a handful could rightfully say they have achieved it. Every industry had at least one icon who had defied expectations and forever changed the landscape. Basketball had Michael Jordan, golf had Tiger Woods, software had Bill Gates, and technology had Steve Jobs. The list did not end there. Greatness was as elusive as a rare gem, and in a cutthroat sport like wrestling, for example, it was hard to define who the real greats were. The word itself had been used too often that it had somehow lost its meaning, but the three listed below were arguably the world’s greatest wrestlers.


John Cena

greatest wrestlers

Originating from Massachusetts, John Cena was undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the wrestling industry. Debuted in 2001 under World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), he boasted of a twelve-year career of breaking records and earning championship tilts. He has twelve world titles—World Heavyweight Championship twice and WWE Championship ten times. John Cena was WWE’s golden boy, and it appeared that he will still play a crucial role in the company in the coming years.

John Cena also had his fair share of criticism. His early years in wrestling was defined not so much by great matches with the best and fiercest in the industry but by great promos, that even when he was already giving heart-stopping performances, “you can’t wrestle” chants from hardcore fans simply wouldn’t die down. John Cena might not be the best in terms of technical skill, but his reputation and track record was enough proof that he was one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history.


The Rock

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Born into a professional wrestling family, it was no wonder that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson felt at home in the wrestling ring. He entered the industry under the World Wrestling Federation after his college football career was abruptly ended because of a shoulder injury. The Rock was probably one of the most charismatic, if not one of the greatest professional wrestlers the world has seen. People would remember him for his catchphrases and his signature eyebrow. These days, you would not see him in the ring, but he was still in the limelight, transitioning from wrestling to film. His most recent projects included Baywatch (2017) with Zac Efron and voicing Maui in the animated feature Moana (2016).



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Sting was one of the most recognizable faces in wrestling. This living legend made his ring debut in 1985 where he was matched with a WWE Hall of Famer. But it was in the 1990s that Sting was able to establish a name for himself during his epic battles with Ric Flair. Throughout his career, he had continually evolved his style and technique in the ring, making him a mainstay in the world’s greatest wrestlers list. But what made Sting a true icon was that he remained loyal to his promoter, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), up until the very end when it was bought by WWE in 2001. His induction to the WWE Hall of Fame last year was just another reminder why he was loved by many.


Listing only three of the world’s greatest wrestlers is no small feat. I am sure I have left out some of your favorite wrestlers that you think should be part of the list. Feel free to comment below. You can also connect with me through FacebookTwitter, or Goodreads. Don’t forget to check out my book and website as well.



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