Kerry Von Erich: The Texas Tornado’s “Secret”

September 22, 2017 at 4:10 am Ron Mullinax

Extremely shocking secret reveals why the legendary wrestler, the Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich, committed suicide.




Another legendary warrior was taken away from the Von Erich family in 1986. The death of Kerry Von Erich was a sorrowful moment for the family and for the whole world. The incident was made more tragic when he had a secret to keep that turned his life upside down and pushed him, ultimately, to his death.

Kerry Von Adkisson, famously known as Kerry Von Erich, the Texas Tornado and Modern Day Warrior, was a member of the Von Erich professional wrestlers family. His debut started when his father, Fritz Von Erich, became well-known in the wrestling world. Kerry himself became popular when he was in Texas’ World Class Championship Wrestling.

Kerry Von Erich, together with his brother David, defeated the Fabulous Freebirds for their second National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Six-Man Tag Team Championship. Everything went smoothly for Kerry’s career until he got into a motorcycle crash that nearly killed him.

It was on June 4, 1986, when Kerry was cruising across Texas without a helmet. He was driving fast when he hit a police car and crashed into the pavement. He suffered several injuries which included a dislocated hip and a badly damaged right leg. He was lucky enough to survive the crash.

However, to save his virtually damaged leg, doctors needed to remove muscles from his other body parts. Six months after Kerry Von Erich’s motorcycle accident, he returned to the wrestling scene. He took a lot of medications to get back on track. His match against Brian Adias didn’t last long, though. His right foot was not ready for the dangerous match and was injured again. Eventually, his foot had to be amputated. However, that didn’t stop the Texas Tornado, Kerry Von Erich from climbing back into the ring with his prosthetic foot.

His father, Fritz Von Erich, asked the doctors and the staff involved with Kerry’s operation to keep his son’s amputated foot a secret. He also made his family swear not to reveal the secret to anyone. This secret remained unknown to all until November 12, 1988.

During Kerry’s match with Colonel DeBeers, DeBeers unknowingly pulled Kerry by his right foot. When Kerry’s boot came off, it revealed his amputated foot. This revelation spread like wildfire, but Kerry kept on denying the incident.

Shortly after, Kerry got addicted to drugs because of his medication. He was found disobeying the law several times. He got divorced, and the next big news after that was his suicide. After his death, his father finally admitted the truth about Kerry’s amputated foot.

Kerry’s secret had revealed a lot about his struggles as a pro-wrestler. Though things didn’t end well for him, he will forever leave a mark in the wrestling world.


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