Lacey Von Erich: The Texas Tornado’s Daughter

September 29, 2017 at 12:18 am Ron Mullinax

Follow TNA’s Lacey Von Erich’s remarkable journey: from being a daughter of the Von Erich family to a wrestling bombshell


Lacey von Erich
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Some call it a world-class tragedy while others just call it a sad family story. However, nobody can deny that the Von Erich family is one of the greatest and most powerful wrestling families in history despite the unspeakable pains its members had gone through.

The Von Erich dynasty started with its patriarch Fritz Von Erich. He had six sons who carried his professional wrestling legacy. One of his sons, Kerry Von Erich, had a daughter who later became known as the first third-generation Von Erich to enter the pro-wrestling scene—Total Nonstop Action or TNA’s Lacey Von Erich.

So who is Lacey Von Erich?

Lacey Dawn Adkisson was born in Dallas, Texas on July 17, 1986, to pro-wrestling icon Kerry Von Erich and Catherine Murray. Coming from a family of professional wrestlers, Lacey had been exposed to the world of wrestling at a very young age. She even mentioned once in an interview that the scent of Bengay and seeing wrestlers tape up their wrists reminded her of being in the locker room back at Sportatorium in Dallas.

Her childhood was rather a painful part of her life as she was only six years old when her father committed suicide in their family farm in Denton County, Texas. However, losing her father did not stop Lacey from bringing third-generation Von Erich blood back to the ring. In August 2007, Lacey changed her name to Lacey Von Erich and joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s then primary developmental territory—Florida Championship Wrestling. Two months later, Lacey Von Erich made her debut against Nattie Neidhart but unfortunately lost.

Lacey’s stay with WWE had been brief as she was a 20-year-old single mother who had to balance her time between training and taking care of her baby. When she was released from her contract in late 2007, she moved to California to be with her boyfriend Grant, who later became her husband.

Lacey then became a staple on the independent circuit where she got better control of her schedule. She won a few matches during her appearances at Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), South West Wrestling Alliance (SWWA), Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW), and Pro Wrestling Revolution (PWR). In July 2009, she competed at Windy City Pro Wrestling (WCPW) and snatched the WCPW Ladies Championship.

After working the independent circuit, Lacey joined Jimmy Hart’s Wrestlicious where she rounded up a few victories. One of the most notable was winning a submission match with Alexandra the Great where she locked Brooke Lynne in the Lacey Von Erich claw, forcing Brooke to throw in the towel.

Lacey’s pro-wrestling career’s defining moment had been her signing up with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) in October 2009, where she later made a name for herself as one of The Beautiful People. She became TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion along with The Beautiful People’s other members, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. They lost the title later to Hamada and Taylor Wilde. A few days after the defeat, Lacey sustained a broken cheekbone while mediating in an altercation between her teammates. She decided to retire a year later.

The pro-wrestling arena had been too much for Lacey at one point with all the wrestling politics and being on the road all the time. Carrying her family’s tragedy in her blood had not made the journey easy for her. As she stated in one interview, the wrestling world can either shape you to become a better person or make you self-medicate to cope. Lacey indeed got through all of it, making her stronger and better unlike the rest of her family. She showed the world that not everyone in the Von Erich bloodline is destined for the same doom.

Lacey is now divorced and runs her own advertising firm in Southern California. She is also a proud mother of three and head of the local PTA for a school district in the Los Angeles area.

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