Wrestling Moves: Popular Moves and Their Names

January 5, 2018 at 9:19 am Ron Mullinax

Unusual wrestling moves that are entertaining to know

Wrestling is considered as one of the oldest sports in the history that continues to be relevant.

You may have watched wrestling on television many times. While others find the wrestling moves excruciating and painful, there are times when they look exciting and cool.


Here, we compiled this list of ridiculous wrestling moves some well-known wrestling figures use over the course of their careers:


  1. People’s elbow. Popularized by The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, himself, the people’s elbow is an ultimate finisher move. The Rock would pose over his fallen rival, toss his elbow pad, hit the ropes, and execute his ultimate finisher—dropping an elbow.
  2. Atomic leg drop. Hulk Hogan, America’s most famous wrestler of the 80s and early 90s WWF, used this as a finisher, dropping a leg into the opponent’s neck. It has more misses than hits.
  3. This is a trademarked move by Scotty 2 Hotty. Holding his hands up, he would jog before hopping with his feet and doing the dance people call as “The Worm.” After dancing, he would swing his arms like a monkey and hit his opponent with a throat chop.
  4. Discus forearm. Spinning around before delivering the punch is a move by Austin Aries. He would spin around to give his attack more strength before punching his opponent in the face.
  5. Mandible sock. Mick Foley would pull out a sock from his pants, wear it on his hands, and try to fit his entire socked hand in his opponent’s mouth.
  6. Choke slam. This is an authentic finisher, and many wrestlers have added this move to their repertoire. A wrestler grips the neck of the rival, lift them up, and smash them. The facial reactions of the bulky wrestlers during the 90s and early 2000s made this move one of the most ridiculous in wrestling.
  7. Sweet chin music. As a finisher, Shawn Michaels executes this move by striking a powerful kick to the enemy’s chin. No other finisher in the word of pro wrestling leaves the fans in awe every time The Heartbreak Kid finishes off opponents with this move.
  8. Wearing a sock puppet snake on his hand, Santino would strike his opponent’s throat or face. Santino Marella punches his opponent throughout the match but is not able to knock them out. However, he knocks them out with the cobra move.
  9. Stink face. Some may not like the idea of a butt shoved into the face, but Rikishi Phatu popularized this move in 2000s. Once the opponent falls sitting on the corner of the ring, Rikishi would rub his butt on his face many times.
  10. Spina-roonie. Booker T breakdances before kicking his opponent in the head, which he calls as the “spin-a-roonie.” He has the tendency to dance before completely defeating his opponent which resulted to him losing matches more than a few times.


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