Most Shocking Wrestlers’ Deaths

January 26, 2018 at 8:45 am Ron Mullinax

Shocking events causing professional wrestlers death

wrestlers' deaths

Many people think that the stunts wrestlers perform in pro wrestling are just scripted. Even though these are scripted stunts, wrestlers cannot avoid accidents inside and outside the ring. They take all these risks for the sake of entertainment, especially for their fans. Perhaps, this is why many wrestlers’ deaths are caused by their in-ring fights and stunts even while on a broadcast. However, there are some who died because of their battle with depression. Others, still, die because of diseases caused by the stunts they execute and that their body can no longer tolerate.

People only see the fearless image of a wrestler whenever they enter the arena. However, they don’t know that behind this façade is depression that is slowly killing their minds. An example of a professional wrestler death is Chris Benoit. He was a Canadian wrestler who suffered depression. The pressure from his matches caused his aggressive behavior toward his wife and son, which ultimately resulted in killing his own family and himself in late June 2007.

However, depression is not the only reason why wrestlers die outside the arena. Sometimes a fight between wrestlers does not just end within the ring. It can continue outside that may lead to death. One of the famous wrestler death that shocked the world was Bruiser Brody’s. He was a victim of a fight outside the ring when José Gonzáléz (better known as “Invader”), a Puerto Rican retired wrestler, stabbed him inside the shower room in Bayamon Stadium in Puerto Rico in 1988. In this case, Gonzáléz was acquitted because nobody attended the trial on behalf of Brody.

Stakes are even higher for wrestlers when they are inside the ring. Many wrestlers have died during their in-ring fight, like Canadian-American wrestler Owen Hart. He died during his fight in the year 1999 at a pay-per-view event in Kansas City, United States, due to an equipment malfunction during his entrance.

One recent death of a wrestler was Perro Aguayo Jr. It was inside the ring during his match with Rey Mysterio in 2015. He died after Mysterio drop-kicked him in the neck, fatally knocking him out. The match still went on, with people thinking Perro was only out cold.

These are just a few of the many wrestler deaths that left the media and pro wrestling fans shocked. Even though they have already passed, their words and legacy in the ring will remain legendary in the world of pro wrestling.


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