Unveiling the Mystery Surrounding Kevin Von Erich

February 9, 2018 at 6:50 am Ron Mullinax

Kevin Von Erich death rumors: Wrestling the Von Erich family curse and feeling proud of the illustrious family legacy

Kevin Von Erich

Born May 15, 1957, Kevin Von Erich is the last man standing of the Von Erich family. Despite the fame his father Fritz Von Erich and his siblings gained in the pro wrestling arena, it wasn’t easy for Kevin to bear the deaths of his five other brothers under tragic circumstances, where three committed suicide. Perhaps the steely nerves the man developed from witnessing such family tragedies are the reason why Kevin Von Erich death rumors haven’t troubled him much over the years.

Having trained under his father, Kevin started his in-ring career in 1976. He was soon known for his trademark holds, dropkicks, and the fabled iron claw. Often called the “The Golden Warrior,” Kevin stood out in WCCW, along with the other two Von Erich brothers—Kerry and David. In 1995, Kevin appeared in his last professional wrestling match. Kevin Von Erich’s hall of fame inclusion happened on April 4, 2009, when Michael Hayes officially inducted the Von Erich family into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“Where is Kevin Von Erich now?” was a popular question that fans often asked after the man retired from the ring. Kevin kept himself busy by appearing in TNA and WWE over the years after he retired from the ring. In January 2005, he even refereed an NWA title match between Tully Blanchard and Jeff Jarrett. Last year, during an interview conducted by, Kevin Von Erich announced that he would be coming out of retirement. But Kevin hasn’t wrestled for more than two decades now. His advanced age, coupled with his being away from the ring for so long, has made many skeptical how he would perform once he’s back in the thick of the action. Yet his fans and most others have welcomed the move and wished him luck, perhaps because he has an illustrious family legacy that simply can’t be ignored.

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