Interesting Facts about Wrestling Referees

February 23, 2018 at 7:14 am Ron Mullinax

5 Cools facts you may not know about wrestling referees

facts about wrestling referees

From Earl Hebner to Drake Younger, wrestling referees have played a crucial role in some of the most famous and biggest storylines of pro wrestling over the past few decades. They always have a part to play, even when spectators don’t understand it. Sometimes, these people can play a more important role than the wrestlers involved in the match. Here’s a rundown of 5 surprising and lesser-known facts about pro wrestling referees:

  1. Referees work overtime.

Referees don’t work for just a single match a night. Some can work for four or five different matches in one evening. Some wrestling referees also work as members of the ring crew, where their job involves assembling the ring before and taking it down after the show.

  1. Wrestling referees wear earpieces for reasons.

They use it to communicate with the people backstage as well as the writers. The writers can pass information to the referees through the earpiece, and the referees may communicate the same to the wrestlers to create a memorable fight.

  1. Referee uniforms have changed.

The first uniforms of wrestling referees included blue shirts coupled with bow ties and black pants. Today, they wear a shirt with black and white stripes. However, special guest referees can wear their own spin always.

  1. They are paid handsomely.

Contrary to the popular belief, wrestling referees receive handsome compensation. The best referees can earn $2,500 a week, and some may even bring home $5,000, particularly if they’re overseeing a main event.

  1. Mike Chioda is the longest tenured WWE referee.

Mike Chioda, the senior WWE Official, has been associated with the company for longer than most of the present main roster superstars. Having started in 1989, Chioda has a longer WWE life than the Undertaker who debuted at the 1990 Survivor Series.

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