Top 10 Wrestling Referees You Should Know About

March 2, 2018 at 8:08 am Ron Mullinax

Remembering the men in stripes who apparently do nothing

wrestling referees

Being the third man in the squared circle, wrestling referees are often relegated to afterthoughts. They remain mostly unnoticed unless they are forced to intervene or end up doing something wrong. To the spectators, they might appear to be doing nothing, but to professional wrestling companies, they’re an essential part of the show. Here’s a countdown of the top ten wrestling referees of all time.

  1. Earl Hebner

The first entry of this list of top ten wrestling referees is Earl Hebner, who was the official for Montreal Screwjob in 1997. Though he was released in 2005 from WWE, Hebner joined TNA within a year.

  1. Charles Robinson

The face of present-day WWE officiating community, Charles has taken charge of some of the biggest matches ever, including three of Shawn Michaels’ best at WrestleMania. Probably nobody gives a better reaction than he does, seeing wrestlers getting beat up.

  1. Jimmy Korderas

A WWE referee for more than 20 years, Jimmy Korderas has seen several triumphs and tragedies in the ring up close. After retirement from his life in stripes, he has kept himself occupied by doing podcasts and interviews, hosting wrestling radio shows and staying active on social media.

  1. Bryce Remsburg

One of the top wrestling referees on the independent pro wrestling circuit, Remsburg is well-known for his fantastic understanding of the profession and great timing.

  1. Mike Chioda

Having officiated matches like the first WWF Title win of Steve Austin, and Triple H vs. Batista, among others, Mike Chioda must receive a mention in any list of top wrestling referees. He is the go-to guy of WWE when it comes to refereeing big matches.

  1. Jack Doan

Jack Doan was the referee who served the roster for the second longest tenure, before being released in 2013. He climbed his way to the top. Once a truck driver, he ended up doing a full-time gig in WWE and will always be remembered for his epic slide.

  1. Mark Curtis

Brian Hildebrand a.k.a Mark Curtis is one of the most beloved and respected wrestling referees in the history of professional wrestling. Nicknamed as “The Shooter,” Curtis passed away in 1999 after diagnosed with cancer in 1997.

  1. Joey Marella

Son of WWE legend Gorilla Monsoon, Marella officiated big matches like the Intercontinental Championship match between Davey Boy Smith and Bret Hart during the SummerSlam 1992 card. He passed away at just 31 years of age in an automobile accident.

  1. Shawn Michaels

Apart from being a great wrestler, Michaels also has earned a place among the best special wrestling referees. He was able to provide the stripes an additional flavor in his officiated matches.

  1. Nick Patrick

One of the most recognizable wrestling referees in WCW, Patrick actually wanted to be a wrestler, but due to an injury, he ended up becoming a referee instead to stay close to what he was extremely passionate about.

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