Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Pro Wrestler?

March 9, 2018 at 6:32 am Ron Mullinax

If You Want to Be a Pro Wrestler, Be Ready to Work Very Hard

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What does it take to be a pro wrestler? Being a pro wrestler takes more than a large muscular body. Pro wrestling is a full production. To be a pro wrestler, you have to look, act, and be your character. Whether it’s singing, acting, or wrestling, you need to have the commitment to see it through to the end.  If you’re ready start your pro wrestling career, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Attend a pro wrestling school.

How do you become a good pro wrestler? Going to a good pro wrestling school will teach you that. Remember that pro wrestling is more than having a big, strong body. You need 0the right moves, techniques, and skills to entertain the audience, and you can learn these things from pro wrestling schools and your fellow pro wrestling students. Before you decide to enroll into one, though, be sure to do your research. Go to one that’s run by a pro wrestler, or at least backed by one. Find out if the school has produced any successful pro wrestlers. If you don’t have a renowned pro wrestling name backing you up, you should start building for connections in pro wrestling school.

  1. Train your body and mind.

Becoming a pro wrestler is hard work. You have to train your body, eat right, learn a lot of moves, and refine your skills. Above all, you have to prepare your mind for the difficulty ahead. It’s a stiff completion in the professional wrestling circuit. You may spend years in your wrestling career as an unknown wrestler. If your will is weak, you won’t reach your dreams.

  1. Create your character.

They say to keep things in moderation, but in pro wrestling, exaggeration will get your audience’s attention and pave your way to the top. To be a pro wrestler, you have to be an entertainer. You have to shock, horrify, amuse, and amaze the audience with your performance, and your performance will be tied closely with your character. An average character will not do in professional wrestling; you have to create a character that will capture interest and keep it.

  1. Get creative with your stage name.

Your stage name is your branding. You need it to create impact, to define you, and to complete your character. Come up with a stage name that not only goes well with your character, but also gives you reputation.

  1. Design an eye-catching costume.

If you’re not keen on designing your own costume, then have a professional do it. Your costume should go with our wrestling persona and stage name. In an interview for ThoughtCo., professional wrestling manager Jimmy Hart shares a piece of advice he from radio personality Dick Clark: “Just remember that if your dress like you are in the audience, then one day you will be sitting in the audience.”

  1. Build your professional circuit connections.

Find a manager that won’t swindle you, someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry. A manager who knows his job help you find the right opportunities to get into the professional circuit. Most of all, the right managers can connect you to the right people who will help build your professional wrestling career.

  1. Work hard and keep trying.

There will be plenty of obstacles in you path to professional wrestling. In the words of pro wrestler Ken Kennedy in an interview with ThoughtCo., “You’ve got to work hard.… Keep trying. Send tapes. I’ve sent lots of tapes, and I’ve gotten rejected a lot of times. But I never gave up.”

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