All You Need to Know About Wrestling Memorabilia

April 6, 2018 at 4:55 am Ron Mullinax

Pro wrestling memorabilia: Surprising facts you wish you knew

wrestling memorabilia

Pro wrestling is a relatively new sport that has entertained millions of fans across the globe. Diehard fans often tend to immortalize their favorite wrestlers by collecting wrestling memorabilia. With merchandise including garden gnomes and action figures, no two collectibles are alike in the pro wrestling world. Here’s a rundown of four of the most unusual and surprising facts surrounding pro wrestling memorabilia.

#1. The first entrant to this list of wrestling memorabilia facts is from WWE. Nothing demonstrates the multimedia capabilities of WWE better than its subsidiaries. Apart from its ten official subsidiaries, branches of the WWE comprise of WWE Studios, WWE Music Group, and WWE Books, enabling the fans to build a huge collection without buying a single action figure.

#2. Strangely enough, one of the most expensive WWE wrestling memorabilia isn’t a fan favorite or a world champion. It’s Kamala, famed for walking to the squared circle with body paint in various shapes and a tribal mask, including two stars and a crescent moon. The figure released with a star displaying on his belly was once able to fetch a whopping price of $10,000.

#3. Miss Elizabeth was the first woman included in the “Wrestling Superstars” action figure line as the pioneer of the WrestleMania series. Variably manufactured with its skirt color changing from purple to gold and the body alternating from rubber to body, the rarest of the variants are highly expensive in mint condition.

#4. To many wrestling enthusiasts, vintage wrestling memorabilia mean a lot, and this is the one for them. LJN, a video game publisher and toy company, made the first wrestling action figures. In 1984, they came up with figures like “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant that were on the forefront of the wrestling memorabilia.

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