The Best Wrestling Movies You Should Watch

April 27, 2018 at 5:44 am Ron Mullinax

Glued to your TV watching professional wrestling? Here’re some of the best wrestling movies to watch out for


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Professional wrestling has become one of the most entertaining spectator sports across the globe today and so are the movies made on this subject. Wrestling movies have gained tremendous popularity because of their stunts, cast, plot, quality production, and solid storylines. Most of these movies are memorable or iconic in some way. Here are the top three of the best wrestling movies for all wrestling enthusiasts.

  1. The Wrestler

A 2008 American film that highlights the warts-and-all beautifully with the sheer character study of Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a fictional wrestler. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, this film starred Mickey Rourke, who portrayed the character of Robinson. Some wrestling fans mayn’t consider this film as a sheer wrestling movie as it’s a dramatic piece about a man. But when watching this movie, fans have to understand that The Wrestler is about each and every wrestler and nothing beyond. Brilliantly directed with a superb script and excellent sound editing, this was one of the best wrestling movies that handled the industry with poise, dignity, and heartfelt understanding.

  1. Beyond the Mat

One of best professional wrestling movies, Beyond the Mat was a craft of love undertaken by lifelong wrestling fan and Hollywood screenwriter Barry W. Blaustein. This 1999 movie focuses on the lives of eminent wrestlers outside the squared circle, mainly, Mick Foley, Jake Roberts, and Terry Funk as well as some of the aspiring wrestlers. Blaustein was able to add some personal flavor to this film, putting the viewers in his place behind the camera, instead of forcing them to simply watch the procedures. There may be guts and a lot of blood in the movie, but above all, there is a human heart that is in love with wrestling and perhaps that made this one of the greatest wrestling movies that fans will remember forever.

  1. Reversal

When it comes to quality professional wrestling movies, Reversal has to be there in the list. While the wrestling world is most relatable for those who’re familiar with the sport, the way the movie addresses family issues—especially the coach/son dynamic—touches a chord that appeals to a broader audience. Directed by Jimi Petulla, this 2001 movie highlights the life of a high school wrestler. Starring Danny Mousetis as Leo Leone, this movie depicts the perils associated with the wrestling world perfectly. Coached by his father, Leo is constantly pushed to attain the goal of achieving Pennsylvania state title. This movie portrays the life of a wrestler torn between his dad’s affection and his own wishes.

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  1. If this is true, it”s typical WWE. A wrestler gets over organically, and the WWE does everything to keep said wrestler in his spot. The WWE has pretty much become Charles Kane at this point.

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