Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw


wrestling injuries

Wrestling Injuries: Treatment and Prevention

May 25, 2018 Ron Mullinax
Injuries from wrestling are common, but they can be prevented

The realm of wrestling is a sport where participants in the squared circle are heavily prone to suf

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Wrestling in Olympics: The past, the present, and the future

May 18, 2018 Ron Mullinax
The history of wrestling in the Olympics: A brief review

Any history of wrestling in Olympics would remain incomplete without the mention of anc

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A Rundown of Top Wrestling Styles

May 11, 2018 Ron Mullinax
A comprehensive guide to different styles of wrestling: Things that keep the audience glued

Apart from the glamour, the glitz, and the spotlight of the wrestling world, the sport can be be

wrestling tag team

Best Wrestling Tag Teams

May 4, 2018 Ron Mullinax
Remembering tag team wrestling names: All-time greats who entertained us with their own unique styles


In their own inimitable style, wrestling tag teams entertained and wowed audiences